Karen Blake is the type of woman that you never see coming.
If it was not for my gutt instinct, I probably would have never
asked her for her album. She is a mom herself and lives on the
Westside. I see her at my son's school and our neighborhood
Starbucks all the time. I'm really glad I asked because this
album inspires me to "simplify" things and still come out with a
great end result. This record is great to just let play all the
way through and is very "child friendly." I actually put it on
while I was working on my computer and didn't have to skip any
songs while my kids asked for ten different things. This is a
very big compliment for her husband, Music Producer Philip
Giffin. Karen has one of the most beautiful voices I have
heard in a long time. She could definitely sing a theme song
for a major film soundtrack. What is best about this album is
its "simplicity" in production because her voice really"
shines." This is something that a lot of people can not pull
off, but Karen can because her voice is "that good." Her
rendition of Des'ree's (a past client of mine), "Gotta Be"
was really cool and even the background vocals never get in
the way. A great present to give to anyone. This is
definitely an album that should land many soundtrack deals!
I'm hoping to see the album up on Amazon.com soon, but just
in case here is her own web site: KarenBlakeMusic.com.

Hear Music
Earthy Songs. Her voice gives life to each song, floating through
love songs and uplifting tunes, with ethereal intros, vocal range
and perfect phrasing. The musicians on Small Potatoes are
firmly in touch with the spirit of the recording, steeped in
soft folk and gorgeous classical strains. She sings songs by
Bruce Hornsby, Chaka Khan and Mary Chapin Carpenter,
among many others. So sweet-sounding, it's like folding back
the covers of a bed, anticipating sleep, rest, and peace.

In Style Magazine - September 2002
Hilary Swank recommends:
"I just bought a new CD by Karen Blake called Small Potatoes,
and I really, really love it. It's folksy - reminiscent of singers like
Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLachlan."

Fit Pregnancy Magazine
They may be essential to junior's listening diet, but mom
cannot live on sing-along with Barney CDs alone.
Every so often, she needs something more substantial,
and Karen Blake's Small Potatoes is just the entree.
A collection of songs about love and motherhood written by
names you'll recognize (Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bruce Hornsby,
Chaka Khan) and others you won't, Small Potatoes is comfort
food for the ears. Soulfully sung by Blake, the songs are
alternately soothing ("Hush-a-Bye") and soaring ("On to
Something") This is a dish moms can relate to -
and baby will dig, too...
Steve Root Fit Pregnancy (April/May, 2000)